Ok.  I know.  This is the most boring page ever on a website. 

Get over it. 

This is a place where you can find things you can actually download and USE.  

Commissions, Policies, and Bylaws, oh my! 

A nonprofit organizational geek like me has reached Nirvanna!

Committees are a critical part of any nonprofit organization.  They are where the work of the Board gets done, and where Directors and staff can roll up their sleeves and get down to business.  But to be successful, they need to know what they are doing and what are the goals.  Here are some sample Committee Commissions you can download and adapt.  

​Here's how they work.  At the top is a description of the role the committee plays in the organization and its overarching purpose.  Then comes a list of what that the committee should pay attention to every year.  The third section is for the committee members to determine what they want to focus on this year.

​Review and refine these commissions every year.  Sign them.  Have the Board vote to accept them.  

Two basic documents you have to have are your Articles of Incorporation and your Bylaws.

The Articles are needed to file for incorporation with the state, which is the first step to establishing your nonprofit.  It contains some very basic, almost boiler plate information.  If you are filing in the state of Wisconsin, be careful of the template document at the Department of Financial Institutions.  It DOES NOT contain some wording the IRS will need to grant your organization its 501(c)(3) status.  

Your bylaws are your basic document describing how you are going to conduct business.  Mostly it discusses the workings of the Board of Directors and committees.  It also provides protections.  Create Bylaws that are as flexible as possible while still remaining in compliance with your state laws.

Call or email if you'd like help with these.

Board Development
Articles of Incorporation
Fund Development
Bylaws Template
Go to Chapter 181, Wisconsin State Statutes
Go to Wisconsin DFI (where you can file for incorporation)