What is Forward Steps?
Well, ok.  This should actually be titled "About Me" since there is no "us," just me.  I started Forward Steps a number of years ago when I got tired of working in firms that only wanted to work on big projects with big organizations that had a high likelihood of success.  I found myself more interested in projects involving good people with good ideas who want to make a difference.  Here's the philosophy I came up with:

Forward Steps’ goal is to support the many people in the community who have great ideas, and the organizations that are having a positive impact.   If I can help them move forward I will have done my job.  The range of clients Forward Steps is targeting is very broad – from individual leaders to grassroots organizations to community-wide initiatives. 

Forward Steps will always start with the client’s intended impact and   develop strategies to effectively achieve that impact.  With that as the starting point we can work together to develop and implement strategies that are realistic and practical. 

Forward Steps does not believe that boiler plate ideas and programs will work for every organization.  Forward Steps takes proven strategies as the starting point and adapts them to fit the organization’s circumstances, goals, and its people.
I have been in the nonprofit sector for more than 35 years as intern, program manager, executive, consultant, and Board Director.  No matter what you or your organization is going through, chances are I've been there.  I get it.
Rob Meiksins